Child Obesity

I saw something today that I just had to share with you because it was really weighed on my heart…
I was leaving Target today there was a mother and daughter leaving as well. I think the daughter was maybe 5 or 6. She was walking next to her mom eating a pretzil from the cafe. As I was taking in the picture of the mother and daughter walking, I realized that the little girl was already what we would consider obese. She was walking very slow as she was crossing the parking lot. She had kanckles (calves and ankles that have no seperation from each other) and just looked unhealthy.
This really broke my heart and made me want to make a difference.


2 responses to “Child Obesity

  1. Michelle – I completely understand your feeling on this. In the past, I would only see obesity in children when I traveled back to the midwest. Now it is everywhere I travel in the states and right here in our backyard. I wish there was something we could do – but it seems inappropriate to interfere. To make a comment. I just feel helpless. LIke watching someone reprimand their dog or child inappropriately. All I can do is watch – MAYBE give them a look of disapproval…

  2. I agree! I do believe that sometimes the problem is just a matter of unhealthy lifestyles being passed down and sometimes it’s a matter of other factors in the home (emotional eating due to circumstances). I definitely think emotional eating is not only learned by individuals independently, but can be passed down.. It definitely makes you want to reach people on a deeper level, since it’s not all just about misinformation. It’s going to take a revolution!

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