Why is it ok to be soooo rude to others? We just do not seem to have filters. From asking questions such as, “Should you be eating that?”, “Are you gaining weight?”, “Are you sure that size is gonna fit: would you like a bigger size?”, and “Are you pregnant (when clearly the person is not)?”. Lastly, why do we think if we use the words, “No offense,”… then it erases the rude statement? Such as… “No offense but you are fatter then you think.”
The more I think about this question about rudeness, the more I think that it’s because we are desensitized to how powerful our words really are to those around us. A simple statement that we may make without thinking could ruin someone’s day. Every example of rudeness I mentioned I have had at least 1 or more clients mention to me and expresss how it made them feel.And that is just plain rude!


One response to “Rude

  1. It is just insane.My newest reply is, “If you don’t like the way I look, why don’t You take that up with God?” It’s so insensitive because you never know what people are going through. I was just at the beach and kids were making fun of a little boy who was chubby. It turned out that the little boy had leukemia and was there because it was his wish through Make a Wish and he was bloated from the disease/treatment. I understand that it was a kid that was being rude, but you know they get it from the parents. I wish our society was more love oriented! Nice blog!

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