Why Fat 2 Fit?

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Happy New Year Everyone

Thank you Everyone who joined us in the New Year’s Day 5 K. It was such a great time full of fitness and community!

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New Year’s Day 5K



Know Your Numbers Clinic


Fun and Healthy Upcoming Weekend Events

We have a lot of great programs coming up for you to engage with other participants and get healthy together! Below are just a few weekend opportunities.

This Saturday, you can meet Liana Harris, one of our local weight-loss celebrities. She is tracking her journey both on her blog and with the Columbian newspaper. Now that she has lost 97 pounds, she is ready to take on the Multnomah Falls hike. She would like as many people as possible to come and support her in this challenge. Meet at the gift shop below The Falls at 9:00 am this Saturday, August 25th. Click here for directions.

Next Friday, August 31st, join Fat 2 Fit NW trainer (and Camas and Washougal On A Diet Health Coach) Michelle Clark as she leads the Kid’s Activity exercise fun just prior to the “Movie in the Park” at Crown Park. Michelle will start at 7:00 pm and the movie, “Dolphin Tale” will start at 7:45 pm. This is a great family outing and the last of their summer series of Movies in the Park provided from the City of Camas.

Saturday, September 1st… kick-off Labor Day Weekend with an interactive, healthy fun-fest and join many other participants and families as Fitness by Casey trainer Casey Stafford leads us in an entertaining yet very active Field Day event. Click here for more information!

TONIGHT & TOMORROW are the last days of our Zumba Pool Party!! This activity has been so well attended thanks to Karen Evonruik and her enthusiastic, entertaining contributions to coaching us in the Pool every Thursday and Friday this summer as well as at the free Zumba classes at River Rock Church on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings!

Please remember to keep logging your progress and try to make it out to meet us at one of the events!
Our best to you in health,

Stephanie Millman, Program Director  &  Michelle Clark, Health Coach

September 14th – Weight of the Nation Screening with “Know Your Numbers” clinic 6:00 – 8:15 pm at Crown Park (Movie in the Park)
September 15th – Health Fair hosted by Pure Wellness Chiropractic in Washougal (5k at 9:00 am – Fair until 3:00 pm)

Father’s Day Activity

FREE Father’s Day Event – Let’s make it an ACTIVE day!

Let’s do something great TOGETHER this Sunday, June 17th. We have queued up a bit of activity before a barbecue picnic. Starting at at Forest Home Park (just west of the mill in Camas on 6th on the way to the freeway) and ending at Crown Park where we will be able to bring our own barbecue and picnic items and get to know each other better.

The activity is a Five-Station Obstacle Course starting at 2:30pm Sunday, June 17th, 2012. Registration at Forest Home Park in Camas, WA

Here are the descriptions of the activities:

  • Station 1: Perfect Pitch – In honor of America’s favorite pastime, each dad will start the obstacle course off by playing catch with his kid. Dad will have to warm up his arm with his child, and then each dad gets 3 attempts at throwing the ball for a perfect pitch to the Camas And Washougal On A Diet catcher. Points accumulate for each ‘strike’ out of the three attempts.

LOCATION: Forest Home Park baseball field, 640 NW Logan Street, Camas.

  • Station 2: Playground Showdown – Next, Dad will head to the playground next door and run through the obstacle course set where he will go up and down the slide, swing 10 full (back/forth) swings, zip through the monkey bars, scale a wall and head through the tires. This obstacle course is timed.

LOCATION: Forest Home Park playground, 640 NW Logan Street, Camas.

  • Station 3: Fast-Packin’ Papas – Dads have an uncanny knack for packing the family vehicle for road trips and moving. At this station, dads prove their packing power by loading up the bed of a truck with sand bags. The number of bags lifted properly (deep knee bends/squats) within 60 seconds gets counted toward their accomplishments.

  LOCATION: Vega Gym parking lot 840 NW 10th Avenue, Camas

  • Station 4: Get ‘er Dun Run (or walk) – Dads are always working on projects and busting their tails to get things done. This walk/run will be timed and start from Station 3 where they will head east on 10th Avenue, left on that enormous hill on Benton and right on 15th Avenue to their barbeque station in Crown park.

  LOCATION: Station 3 Vega Gym 840 NW 10th Avenue, Camas

  • Station 5: Picnic BBQ – 71 percent of Americans agree: it isn’t Father’s Day without a barbecue! Dads will don their grilling duds (apron) and compete to prepare their BBQ meal… with their family’s help. Judges will rate the best BBQ meal based on nutritional value to taste ratio.
LOCATION: Crown Park at the cross street of 15th Avenue & Everett, Camas

There will be a prize for the winner of each station. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own picnic meals. Anyone can go through the fun obstacle courses, but we are trying to focus on the dads!

Let’s get together and make it happen!

Contact us if you have any questions healthcoach@camasandwashougalonadiet.com

Stephanie Millman, Program Director  & Michelle Clark, Health Coach

Kick off of Camas and Washougal on a Diet~